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Outdoor Communication Cabinet

Outdoor Communication  Cabinet
Product Detailed

Outdoor Communication Cabinet
1)Advanced materials processing technology
2)Perfect environmetal monitoring collection


PES(G)11 Series Outdoor cabinet is outdoor communications integrated access developed by our company in accordance with the industry standard YD/T1537-2006"Generic Requirements for Telecommunications System Outdoor Cabinets". The product can satisfy the need for 'copper back into the light"and "the broadband node down", with large capacity, wide range of applications without restrictions on geographical location and the outdoor environment and mang other advantages. It consists of the box, power supply, temperature control, wiring, environmental monitoring, uninterruptible power supplies, and access control and so on. The cabinets can be installed standard 19in(expandable) switching equipment. Its installation and wiring are all positive action


1.The main part of the cabinet use high-quality galvanized steel plate, with hinge built-in , three-point locking structure, and anti-theft lock cover.

2.The rack design is 19/21 inch standard, The cabinets’ equipment installation space and each business compartment are relatively independent.

3.Protection class is designed according to IP65 level, with characteristics of sun-proof, rain –proof, dust-proof, pest-proof and condensation-proof. Inlet  and outlet with reusable seals for waterproof cabinet. Fire cabinet rank  higher than two. Materials used are fire retardant material

4.Thermal design takes different cooling mode such as fan, heat exchanger and air-condition in accordance with different working environment of the cabinet to achieve heat exchange within the cabinet.

5.It increases the function of electric heating which can set temperature threshold in accordance with operating temperature of the device.

6.Perfect environmental monitoring collection function achieve truly unattended outdoor cabinet.

7. Noise performance: closed state, the distance of 1.5m enclosure, the maximum noise meet the following requirements:
a. 1: residential area, less than 55dB
b. 2: other regions, less than 76dB
8. Grounding protection: the protection of ground equipment cabinets connected to the row of ground pool

All ground cables should be used cross-sectional area of not less than 16mm2 copper wire.Different functional modules within the cabinet the metal component to be insulated from each other, the insulation resistance of not less than 500MΩ,Each connected by not less than 4mm2 copper wire to ground row, highlight any connection between the resistance of less than 0.1Ω.

9.Cabinets for different types of power supply with power distribution unit

Power  System




UPS system



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